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Guest Judy Collins

One of the biggest hits Judy Collins ever had was a cover of the Joni Mitchell song, "Both Sides, Now." It's a song about how every moment in life is a choice: find the light, or succumb to the dark. And there's no question Judy has known both.

Judy was a talented pianist growing up in Colorado with very encouraging parents. And just as the Greenwich Village folk scene was taking off in the '60s, Judy got signed to a record label, beginning a fulfilling career that would span more than five decades.

But she's known some profound pain, too. Judy has struggled with depression and alcoholism, and she watched her son wrestle those same demons until he died at 33.

Though at first she felt like giving up on music altogether, slowly, it's helped her heal. And, true to her folk roots, she's become a vocal activist for a better conversation about mental health.

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