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Guest Judah Friedlander

Don't get offended, but Judah Friedlander is better than you at everything... or, so he claims. In his stand-up, Judah plays a self-appointed "World Champion of the World" - basically, a bragging, egotistical jerk.

But in real life, Judah is a 20-year stand-up comedy veteran, a gifted comedic actor, and not nearly so self-centered. Judah is best known for playing writer 'Frank Rossitano' on 30 Rock. Frank's distinctive look - and his endless supply of trucker hats - came straight from Judah's comedy act.

But Judah is hardly a one-trick pony - the guy's got range. He's stolen scenes in dozens of films and TV shows, including a couple of nearly unrecognizable appearances in The Wrestler, and his critically-praised role in the 2003 cult classic, American Splendor.

Judah's transformations are a testament to his acting talent, but his first love has always been stand-up comedy. He's making plans to release his first comedy album, and now, his ego maniacal alter ego has written a book: "How to Beat Up Anybody".

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