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Guest Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas had an early life that was so dramatic, so rammed with suspense, it might just explain this whole 'acting' thing he got into as an adult. His parents were both activists: Pro-peace and anti-Nukes. As a kid, Josh watched his dad chain himself to a railroad track, trying to stop a train from transporting plutonium - how's that for an early lesson on standing up for your beliefs?

So, when Josh decided he wanted to be an actor, his old man was pretty clear: 'If you're gonna do this - put in the work and be dedicated.' And that's how Josh has approached the job. In films like 'American Psycho,' 'A Beautiful Mind' and 'Sweet Home Alabama,' he's showed off his versatility. He could be the best friend, the con man or the psychopath - and sometimes, he's been all at once.

These days, you can catch him in two new movies: 'Hide Away,' which Josh also produced, about a man who turns to sailing as a means of therapy, and 'Red Dog', about a dog who united a community in the Australian outback. And, there's news on the personal front: on July 2nd, the guy who learned so many lessons from his own parents became a dad.

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