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Guest Jon Dore

Jon Dore is one of those comedians where you have to wonder, how much is real, and how much of it is just a character.

See, Jon likes to push boundaries. He can be bizarre and outrageous, but he does it all completely deadpan. Jon grew up in Nepean, Ontario, just outside Ottawa. At 21, he started doing stand-up, but it took him a while to consider it a career.

All that changed in 2003, when Jon landed a recurring comedy role as a "reporter" on 'Canadian Idol.' Eventually, he got his own program, 'The Jon Dore Television Show,' which ran for two seasons. It took a fictional story and combined it with real, unscripted interviews - and Jon's subjects weren't always in on the joke. Jon's character was loud, sarcastic, cocky - basically, the kind of jerk no one can stand... expect for one thing. He was funny.

Jon takes a similar approach to stand-up, fearlessly delivering edgy material with a straight face. But, here's the point: By acting like the most ignorant guy in the room, Jon's biggest joke is ultimately on himself - it kinda makes you suspect there's nice guy behind it all.

These days, Jon is hosting a new series, 'Funny as Hell,' for HBO Canada. It's showcase for up-and-coming comedians, and a place where Jon is free to be whoever he wants.

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