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Guest John Singleton

In the summer of 1991, with one bold stroke, John Singleton set off a pivotal moment in modern Hollywood history with 'Boyz n the Hood'.

The movie threw a searchlight on a world few people thought about: a hard, crushing world of gang violence on the very South-Central L.A. streets where John himself grew up.

'Boyz n the Hood' also had heart - and is still relevant today. The film earned John an Oscar nod - the first for an African-American director. Since then, there's only been one other - Lee Daniels, for the movie 'Precious'.

That's just one of the reasons John was honoured this month by the Canadian Film Centre.

22 years on, the impact of 'Boyz n the Hood' can still be felt. After all, John was one of the first to bring hip-hop to Hollywood: he cast Ice Cube in 'Boyz', Tupac in a film called 'Poetic Justice', and Andre 3000 in 'Four Brothers'.

Plus, the boy who grew up loving Star Wars and old westerns has a surprising - and until now, unknown - connection to Quentin Tarantino's controversial western 'Django Unchained'.

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