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Guest John Roberts

John Roberts may be one of CNN's biggest stars, but in the hearts of many Canadians, he'll always be J.D.

John grew up outside Toronto, and got his start doing student radio at the University of Toronto. From there, he worked his way up to spinning for CHUM radio, also in T.O. Then in 1979, John made the jump to TV - becoming the first host of a groundbreaking show called 'The New Music.'

Five years later, John was part of the 'New Music' team that helped launch 'MuchMusic.' He also was a reporter and anchor at City-TV in Toronto. And the rest? A bit of a blur.

In '89, he took a TV news job in Miami, then, came home briefly to host 'Canada AM.' In '92, it was back to America and CBS News as a reporter, then White House correspondent, then an anchor.

In fact, in 2004, there was talk John would replace Dan Rather. Well, that didn't happen - and soon after, John left CBS for CNN. There, he's served as a senior national correspondent, and these days, he's co-hosting 'American Morning.''

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