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Guest John Leguizamo

Fast-talking, multi-faceted performer and Emmy award winner - John Leguizamo's career defies categorization. From the comedy circuit, the theater stage and the screen... John's been a breakthrough performer for the Latino community in countless ways.

He won an Obie award for his Off-Broadway sensation 'Mambo Mouth' in which he played seven different characters, and followed that with two more successful one-man shows. In 1998 Spike Lee made a TV version of John's Broadway debut 'Freak', and it got them an Emmy.

He's also shown his feisty versatility in Hollywood, acting in films like 'Moulin Rouge', 'Ice Age', 'Romeo and Juliet', and the indie 'Hangin' with the Homeboys'. He's back on stage with his new, explosive one-man show 'Ghetto Klown' (directed by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens).

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