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Guest John Edward

One of the most enduring obsessions of the living is death. That question, "What happens to us after we die?" has captured the human imagination since forever. And that's where John Edward comes in. He's a self-proclaimed psychic medium who says he's able to connect people with the dead.

Maybe you've seen one of his TV shows, 'Crossing Over with John Edward' or 'John Edward Cross Country' ... or perhaps you've read one of his best-selling books. Now, as you might guess, John has many skeptics, including one, Amazing James Randi, who offered him a million dollars to prove he was really a psychic.

It was a challenge that John brushed aside, but here's the thing: John was once a skeptic himself. When he was a teen, a fortune teller predicted John would one day be a famous psychic. At first, he thought she was full of it ... but slowly he got curious. He started doing psychic readings at local fairs, and after he lost his mother to cancer, John decided to use his ability to help people find comfort and closure after a death.

Now, even though there are some who feel it's all a crock, John believes we all have psychic potential.

And that's the premise of his latest book, 'Infinite Quest': It's a guide for people looking to tap into their own psychic energy -- what John sees as a way to break down the barriers between the living and the dead.

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