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Guest John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley is one of those actors: If you don't know the name, you probably know the face... and, you should be grateful for that.

John got his break with Oliver Stone: His first movie was the Vietnam epic 'Platoon', a crash course on intensity, commitment and bravery on film. John went on to make six more movies with Stone (and many, many others, with a resume that now includes more than 70 films), but his most famous role might be on the small screen.

For nine years, McGinley starred as the surly Dr. Cox on Scrubs - a mentor, but not the warm-and-fuzzy type.

John says he always enjoyed showing the softer side of Dr. Cox, a sense of empathy informed by real life: In 1997, John's son Max was born with Down syndrome, an event that profoundly changed John as an actor and a person.

Now, John's part of another important story, one that's all about acceptance, inclusion... and baseball. It's called, '42', all about the great Jackie Robinson and his role in ending segregation, with John as the broadcaster who brought Jackie's story to life.

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