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Guest Johann Olav Koss

Johann Olav Koss is one of those rare athletes whose legacy goes far beyond his sport - and that's quite the statement because Johann is a veritable Olympic legend. One of the greatest speed skaters of all time, he broke 11 world records. By age 19, Johann was Norway's junior champion.

Five years later, he was in the '92 Winter Olympics and, despite having had unexpected surgery, Johann won gold and silver. Two years later at the '94 Olympics, Johann won all of his races in world record time and snagged three gold medals. Just before that he'd become an athlete ambassador for 'Olympic Aid', raising money for sport in war-torn countries... and when 'Olympic Aid' became 'Right to Play' in 2003 - Johann took the lead.

Through his leadership and dedication, 'Right to Play' has become an internationally recognized NGO. Their mandate is simple but potent: to use the power of sport and play, to create a healthier and more peaceful world.

These days, 'Right to Play' brings sport to underprivileged youth in more than 20 countries, and has plans to expand its reach around the world. A leader in the worldwide anti-doping movement, Johann has also been named "One of 100 Future Leaders of Tomorrow" by TIME Magazine, and "One of 1,000 Global Leaders" by the World Economic Forum.

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