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Guest Joe Keithley

When you think of a Green Party candidate, you probably don't envision someone who once urinated on an audience. When you think of a suburban dad of three, you're probably not thinking of a guy who sometimes goes by the name of "Shithead." But if Joe Keithley's life has been about one thing, it's smashing the rules. Joe's the front-man of D.O.A., the Vancouver punk band that ignited a movement back in the '70s, and is still kicking ass today.

Back when Joe was first discovering music, there was a lot to be angry about: People were still reeling from the War in Vietnam, and Greenpeace had brought a gutsy new kind of environmental activism to Vancouver. But Joe didn't just get mad ... he got on stage. And for the next three decades, D.O.A. made protest music for a new generation.

The band played anti-war rallies, protested nuclear weapons and free trade. They raised money for the homeless, and toured this country in a busted-up van. Turns out, people were listening: 33 years later D.O.A.'s music is still calling people to action. And for Joe, action is what it's all about: standing up for your beliefs, demanding change from your leaders, and creating a better world with your own two hands.

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