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Guest Joe Hill

When it comes to following in the shadow of a famous parent, Joe Hill knows the secret to success.

Work hard.

Make it on your own.

And change your name if you have to.

Joe is an accomplished author, and an emerging voice in the horror genre. He also happens to be Stephen King's son. But he didn't use the famous family name to make it.

In fact, when he sold his first novel, his agent and publisher had no idea who he really was. That book - 'Heart Shaped Box' - went to number eight on the New York Times bestseller list, and was snapped up by a movie studio before it even hit stores. Eventually, people started to ask questions, and in 2007, 'Variety' magazine blew Joe's cover, and he confirmed his true identity.

Since then, Joe has published a comic book called 'Locke and Key,' that sold out its initial publication on day one. And recently, he released his latest novel, 'Horns.

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