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Guest Joe Cornish

Okay, let's talk great films, by first-time directors: there's Orson Welles, with 'Citizen Kane,' Quentin Tarantino, 'Reservoir Dogs,' and of course, James Cameron, with 'Piranha Part Two: The Spawning.' (aside from 'Jaws,' it's the greatest movie you'll ever see about killer fish). Well now, you can add another name to that list: Joe Cornish.

Joe may be new to directing, but he's always loved movies. In University, he and his friend Adam Buxton started making movie parodies using toys and stuffed animals. It didn't do much for their social lives, but it did get them their own television show, "The Adam and Joe Show", which earned a cult following in the UK. Together, Joe and Adam remade Hollywood favourites, with titles like "Toytanic", "Saving Private Lion" and "Toy Train Spotting". It was a strange education, but Joe says, he actually learned a lot about filmmaking.

The rest, Joe learned by studying his heroes, and the biggest hero of all was Stephen Spielberg. For Joe, seeing "ET" was a life-changing experience - so, it kinda makes sense that's Joe's first movie is an adventure flick about kids and aliens.

"Attack the Block" pits a group of South London teenagers against an alien invasion. Critics called it one of the best movies of 2011. And, by focusing on inner-city London, close to the neighbourhood where he grew up, Joe took marginalized kids and made them heroes - a way to put some meaning behind the monsters.

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