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Guest Jody Mitic

If you're looking for someone heroic, look no further than Jody Mitic.

Jody served in Afghanistan as an elite sniper with the 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment. Back in January of 2007, while on patrol, Jody stepped on a land mine and lost both of his legs below the knee. When he came home, his goal was to live a normal life again. He underwent months of painful rehab and spent more than a year learning how to walk on prosthetic legs.

But what he really wanted to do was run. After an intense training regimen, Jody fulfilled his dream. He's completed a five-kilometre run, and incredibly, a twenty-one-K run. In doing so, Jody raised money for 'Soldier On', an organization which helps ill and injured soldiers become physically active again.

And not only that; Jody wants to accomplish something else - go back to Afghanistan for another tour of duty - this time, as a gunner on a helicopter.

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