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Guest Jodi Balfour

The Second World War was a time of staggering loss. But in quieter ways in little pockets of the world, it was also about gains. 'Bomb Girls' is a uniquely Canadian show that explores what many women gained during wartime: meaningful work, identities, and strength they didn't realize they had. The star of the show is Jodi Balfour. She plays a rich young housewife who craves a braver, grittier life.

Jodi's well acquainted with politically turbulent times. She grew up in South Africa during a really important shift in the country's history: the transition from apartheid to democracy. Though Jodi has early memories of racial segregation at school, she also remembers Nelson Mandela walking free, and later winning the country's first democratic election.

When Jodi decided to move to Canada just a few years ago, getting steady work as an actor wasn't easy at first. So she did something a bit unusual: she teamed up with two friends and opened a coffee shop in Vancouver's Gastown district - a project that helped her to cultivate community and take some pressure off herself to make it as an actor.

Of course, that's exactly when 'Bomb Girls' came calling. And the rest is literally history.

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