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Guest Jim Treliving

When Jim Treliving told his father he planned on switching careers, going from RCMP officer to restaurateur, his old man told him flat-out: 'You're crazy.' Jim's Dad may have had a point, but any entrepreneur worth his salt knows that a little daring goes a long way.

Jim grew up in the financial hotbed of Virden, Manitoba. His family taught him some strong, universal values: work hard, be respectful and never spend beyond your means. Credit cards? Impulse shopping? Didn't exist in the Treliving household - makes you wonder about Jim's philosophy when it comes to debt.

After Jim packed in his job as a Mountie, he opened a Boston Pizza franchise in Penticton, BC. One store turned into two, two turned into four, and pretty soon, he was making serious dough (see what we did there?). In the early '80s, Jim and his business partner bought the company. These days, Boston Pizza boasts more than 300 locations in both Canada and the US. So, how does Jim balance his ambition with his principles? Is it possible to be an ethical millionaire? Can you be a successful capitalist with a conscience?

Recently, Jim has been appearing on the CBC show 'The Big Decision': Jim and fellow Dragon Arlene Dickinson look at struggling businesses, and decide whether or not to invest - a show that's as much about survival as success. Plus, there's the show that started it all: 'Dragons' Den'. Jim will be returning to the Den next season.

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