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Guest Jim Prentice

"Just Plain ol' Jim" is how he described himself when he retired from politics. That would be Jim Prentice. As in, The Honourable Jim Prentice - Member of Parliament from Calgary, former Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, former Minister of Industry, and last but not least, Minister of Environment. He was lured by the siren call of the private sector - banking to be exact. But there are some political watchers who think it's just to regroup for a bigger and better political life.

Jim's career in cabinet was marked by controversies - the abandoning of the Kelowna Accords when he was with Indian Affairs; contentious copyright legislation when he was at Industry; and a criticism that as environment minister Jim had some of the most energy sector-friendly policies.

But those controversies are only part of the story. As a party member, Jim was seen as a moderating force. He could bridge the differences between the Conservatives' two legacy parties - Reform and the Progressive Conservatives. But he's left that life behind - for now at least - for a new job with CIBC where he's a senior executive. He joined it straight out of Cabinet. We'll find out why he made the jump and if his decisions in the public realm are helping or hindering his goals in the private sector.

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