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Guest Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons has made being a super-geek super-cool. His show, The Big Bang Theory is a big hit - actually the most watched show in Canada right now. And you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that Jim is a big reason why.

The proof came at this year's Emmy awards, where he won for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. Not bad, considering that three years ago - when the show started - it was pretty much dismissed by critics.

So, how did Jim get here? Growing up, he loved sitcoms like Three's Company and The Cosby Show. Every year, his Mom asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Every year, he said 'an actor.' And Jim stuck to the script. He earned a Master's Degree in theatre, worked off-Broadway and did commercials.

He popped up in films like Garden State and on shows like Judging Amy. Then he landed the role that changed his life: the uber-genuis Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. The show - about two brilliant physicists and their sexy neighbour - has made Jim a star, because underneath the nerdy social awkwardness, it's about kindness and loyalty.

And in a world where Jersey Shore is a hit, it's nice to see someone make smart guys popular.

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