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Guest Jian Ghomeshi

It's probably safe to say that most of you would like to forget your awkward teenage years. Not Jian Ghomeshi. He's chosen to celebrate them in a new memoir, called '1982'.

In that one, seminal year, 14-year-old Jian was consumed by his twin obsessions: a high-school dream-girl named Wendy, and David Bowie.

Like Bowie, Jian was an outsider - a Persian-Canadian growing up in a largely white Toronto suburb. Much of '1982' is about the search for acceptance - something Jian would find later.

First, as a member of the folk-rock group Moxy Früvous and then, as the host of the popular CBC radio talk-show 'Q' - where he had his now infamous dust-up with Billy Bob Thornton.

That incident made Jian a hero to many of you but he stands by a different accomplishment - being the first - okay, probably only - Persian-Canadian 'New Waver'.

You can catch 'Q' on CBC Radio One weekdays at 10am and 10pm. (10:30NT) As well, for the second year in a row, Jian is hosting the gala evening for the Giller Prize - Canada's most distinguished literary prize.

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