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Guest Jessica Paré

Ours is truly the golden age of television. Where once the medium was the object of scorn and derision (they used to call it the boob tube), shows like The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad have brought breathless praise from critics and viewers alike. To be sure, among those singled out for the greatest acclaim is Mad Men. It stars Jessica Paré in the role of Megan Draper, wife of the enigmatic and inscrutable Donald (played by Jon Hamm). With its sharp writing and brilliant acting, Mad Men is entering its final season, leaving the '60s behind. Like the character Megan, Jessica was born and raised in Montreal, where she launched her career with films like Stardom (by Denys Arcand) and The Trotsky (starring Jay Baruchel). It was a fine resume to take to Hollywood though Jessica confesses that it was a struggle at first. By the time the producers from Mad Men called she was sleeping on a friend's couch, driving a broken-down beater and her biggest hope was to make enough to cover the repair costs.

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