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Guest Jessalyn Gilsig

Growing up in Montreal, Jessalyn Gilsig dreamed of performing, and she did it from an early age.

Everything from staging her own death scenes for her family when she was 9, to voicing shorts for the National Film Board at 12, to playing a boy (Gilbert Blythe in Anne Of Green Gables) in her high school productions.

Along the way, Jessalyn has grown into playing some notorious TV characters: a sex addict on 'Nip/Tuck' who meets her demise, and a vindictive ex-wife on 'Glee' who fakes her own pregnancy.

Stories of survival have always attracted Jessalyn, and now she's playing a woman who has to hold her own among a horde of Viking men.

On The History Channel's 'Vikings', she plays Siggy, an Earl's wife who struggles with her loyalties.

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