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Guest Jennifer Stoddart

Think about the technology you use every day: to connect with friends; chat online; download your favourite songs or movies. All good, right? Except for the fact that technology can be used to monitor what you're doing on-line and open the door for your private information to be stored and sold. Without you ever knowing about it.

The good news? When it comes to privacy rights, Jennifer Stoddart has got your back.

She became Canada's Privacy Commissioner in 2003 - after spending more than 20 years promoting human rights and access to information. In her time on the job, she's had some big-time battles. Stoddart has stared down Facebook - convincing it to improve privacy standards for 500 million users worldwide. She came down hard on Google for collecting personal information from unsecured wireless networks. That's right - those Google Streetview cars collected phone numbers, emails, even passwords.

And those 'naked' airport body scanners? Stoddart's team monitors them to ensure our privacy - and dignity - is upheld.

All of that has earned her praise from privacy advocates around the world. But the fight isn't over. Stoddart has a new three-year mandate. And she plans to get even tougher on those who break our privacy laws or use your information, without your consent.

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