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Guest Jennifer Heil

Olympic gold and silver would be enough to satisfy most people. So would four world championship titles, plus 10 years worth of medals, ribbons, and shiny crystal trophies. But that's what makes Jennifer Heil so unique: Her ambition knows no bounds, and goes way beyond sport.

First, there's Jenn, the Athlete. In her event, freestyle moguls, she's a living legend. At 18, Jenn made her Olympic debut in Salt Lake City. She wound up finishing 4th, missing a bronze medal by 1/100th of a point. Four years later, Jenn found redemption, taking gold at the 2006 Olympics in Turin. Her jubilant celebration became one of the lasting images of those Games.

But with great power, comes great responsibility... and, great pressure. In the four years leading up to the Games in Vancouver, Jenn was tat the center of a media frenzy. While coping with huge expectations, she ended up winning silver.

Now, at 27, Jenn has decided to call it a career. She walks away as world champion,
but she's got plenty to keep her busy. Back in 2005, Jenn co-founded B 2 Ten, a game-changing organization that persuades private business to anonymously sponsor Canadian athletes. She's also involved with the David Suzuki Foundation, spreading the word about climate change. And now, she's working with Plan Canada's 'Because I Am A Girl' program, which promotes gender equality in the developing world.

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