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Guest Jeff Ross

How much time would you say you spend cutting down celebrities? They're fat! They're stupid! They're terrible actors! Their earlobes are unusually large! Come on, we all do it. Well, guess what? Jeff Ross has your dream job. This is a guy who makes his living insulting the rich and famous. Donald Trump. Pamela Anderson. William Shatner. Charlie Sheen. Jeff Ross has roasted 'em all.

As a kid growing up in Newark, Jeff himself was often the butt of the jokes. His mom got him into karate where he learned to stick up for himself - he even started throwing out a comeback or two. Jeff honed his razor-sharp insult skills on the stand-up circuit as a way of dealing with hecklers. So what does it feel like to be on the receiving end of a Jeff Ross smart-bomb? Well, we're about to find out: the Roastmaster General is launching a Canadian tour. Yes, he's gonna take aim at this glorious nation.

But when you're as fearless as Jeff appears to be, do you ever cross the line? Regret something you've said? Jeff tackles those questions in the latest film he co-wrote - it's called 'The Comedian'. It's directed by Sean Penn, and it stars Robert De Niro and Kristen Wiig... another bunch of celebrities who might just want to watch their step...

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