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Guest Javier Bardem

Being a superstar has it's perks: magazine covers, red carpets, aesthetically-pleasing coworkers; but, for a guy like Javier Bardem, the biggest reward is the chance to do meaningful work.

Javier comes from a family of actors and directors - artists who weren't afraid to speak their minds - and Javier is no exception.

His gift is versatility: He can be charming, vulnerable, or, a psycho killer with a ridiculous haircut - every character is played with total conviction.

In 2008, he won an Oscar for 'No Country For Old Men', becoming the first Spaniard to win an Academy Award. Javier's latest project is called, 'Sons of the Clouds: The Last Colony', a documentary that's close to his heart.

It's about the people of the Western Sahara, the Sahrawi, who have been caught in a political standoff - a territorial dispute that's lasted for three decades. It's a humanitarian crisis that's been largely ignored, something Javier wants to change.

The film is now available to rent or buy on iTunes. Check out the trailer right here, and visit iTunes to watch it.

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