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Guest Jason Segel

Back when Jason Segel was in high school, his drama teacher gave him some advice: the best actor in the world is doing dinner theatre somewhere, so if you ever start to feel entitled... don't. It's a lesson that stuck with Jason, even as he went from lanky teenager to one of Hollywood's funniest humans.

Early in his career, Jason Segel learned that success can be fleeting. When he was just 18, Jason was cast in 'Freaks and Geeks' - despite being cancelled after just one season, it boasted some serious talent, including Seth Rogen, James Franco and super-producer Judd Apatow (he's since done all right for himself). It was Judd who told Jason to shake off the disappointment and start writing his own material, which he did - although quietly, he worried about his own future. He even considered moving back in with his parents (that's gotta sting a bit.)

Eventually, things started to pick up for Jason: He landed a spot on 'How I Met Your Mother' (about to start up its eighth season). He made a memorable turn in 'Knocked Up'. And turned one of his own screenplays into a movie: the awesomely funny 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', a film that exposed Jason to a whole new audience.

After Sarah Marshall, Jason was finally able to do the things he really wanted - and, as it turns out, what he really wanted was to work with The Muppets. For Jason, it's an opportunity to revive his childhood heroes. It's also a sign that he's taking more control of his career; what happens next is up to him.

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