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Guest Jason Reitman

When your dad's a Hollywood heavyweight, making a name for yourself isn't easy. But Jason Reitman's done it.

His dad, of course, is Ivan Reitman - the guy behind classics like 'Animal House', 'Ghostbusters', and 'Old School.' In fact, as a kid, Jason was in some of his dad's films. He actually started making his own films as a kid, too. He'd shoot 'em on his dad's home video camera. Eventually, he went to med school, but it wasn't his thing.

So, he went film school, and ended up making his first short film. That led to other shorts, a bunch of ads for some big-time clients, but Jason still hadn't made a feature film. That changed in 2005 - Jason wrote and directed 'Thank You for Smoking.' That got two Golden Globe nominations, and it only got better from there.

Two years later, he made 'Juno.' The critics loved that one - and so did the Academy. It won the Oscar for best original screenplay. Now, Jason has a new film. It's called 'Up in the Air', and the star is George Clooney.

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