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Guest Jamie Oliver

As the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver heads a food empire with a chain of restaurants, more than a dozen bestselling cookbooks and loads of TV shows and specials. As a Food Revolutionary, he helped train disadvantaged kids in the restaurant biz, championed the plight of some farm animals, forced the British government to improve school lunches and exposed exactly what kids were actually eating in American cities.

Now Jamie's crossing into new territory, literally, with a new cookbook, Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes. Based on his own travels, the book focuses on European cuisine in countries such as Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Morocco (okay, that last country is in Africa. But Jamie's always stretching boundaries).

'Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes' is really about a return to tradition, with simple, humble, naked foods - like risottos, kebabs and terrines - that are fundamental to the local culture. To Jamie, it's not just about recipes, but about how we can use food to draw people together: Bring people to the table, break a little bread, and learn a bit about each other in the process.

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