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Guest Jamie Bell

When he was just eight years old, Jamie Bell wanted to be Tintin - the brave, boy reporter from the Belgian comic books with the Ed Grimley quiff.

Around the same time, Jamie sat in a movie theatre watching the critically acclaimed reptile documentary 'Jurassic Park'. He was blown away by the film, and made a note to remember the name of the director - Steven Spielberg.

Cut to 2011 and Spielberg is directing Jamie in the big-budget film version of 'Tintin'. Playing your childhood hero - and for Spielberg? That's gotta be a monumental trip. And it's a long way from Billingham, the working-class town in the north of England where Jamie was raised by his mom.

As a kid, Jamie took ballet classes in a room full of little girls, keeping it a secret so he wouldn't get teased at school. If that sounds like the plot of 'Billy Elliot', it's because it is. Jamie beat out 2,000 other boys to land the part of Billy. It was his first movie, and because he could relate so closely to the character, Jamie played him with a lotta heart. And the world fell for that dancing kid.

Since then, Jamie has worked to make the onscreen transition from boy to man. Now with 'Tintin', Jamie's a man playing a boy, and it's taking him back to where it all began.

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