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Guest James McGowan

No doubt about it, James McGowan is at the top of his game. As Major Mike Kessler, James leads the elite squad on the CBC's hit show 'The Border.' And he's made quite a mark, picking up a Gemini nomination along the way. Not bad for a guy who kicked off his acting career at thirty-six!

James studied acting in Montreal, but he figured he'd never make it. So, he ended up taking what he calls a "mind-numbing 9-to-5 job" at McGill University. In his thirties, he decided to hit the stage again, for fun - and he loved it. So, he moved to Toronto to give the acting thing a shot. He says it was tough starting so late, but he managed to do some ads, guest roles and TV movies. He played a Nazi captain in 2002's 'Silent Night', a priest in 'Headhunter.' Oh, and on the big screen, he's played a photographer in 'The Prince and Me', and Heather Locklear's not-so-perfect suitor in 'The Perfect Man.' And James also shared the screen with Darryl Sittler on 'Rent-a-Goalie.'

But 'The Border' is his biggest claim to fame. James just wrapped up season three - which included being kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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