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Guest James Hinchcliffe

We live in a world obsessed with speed: we celebrate the world's fastest human, we marvel at the world's fastest machines, we expect our pizzas in 30 minutes or less... or else.

Well, as it happens, speed is an obsession and profession for James Hinchcliffe, a Canadian star in Indycar. James is a driver on the rise: In 2012, he was chosen as the successor to Danica Patrick, one of motorsport's biggest stars.

He's also inspired an online following, uploading videos as the self-proclaimed "Mayor of Hinchtown". James may have a great sense of humour, but he still understands the dangers of his sport.

Like all drivers, James walks a line of risk and respect - get it wrong, and the consequences can be deadly.

After winning the opening race of the 2013 season, the first win of his Indycar career, James is focused on bigger success, following in the footsteps of Canadian legends like the Villeneuves, Paul Tracy and the late Greg Moore. James is already a Mayor; now he wants to be a champion.

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