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Guest James Frey

Even if you've never read one of his books, chances are you've heard of writer James Frey - in large part because of the storm of controversy that surrounded his mega-selling book, 'A Million Little Pieces'.

Turns out his graphic and moving 'memoir' of drug addiction was more fiction than fact, and after this scandal made headlines around the world he became a household word for "liar". Frey went on Oprah Winfrey's TV show to try to explain... and got maybe the biggest TV spanking in history.

But recently he went back on her show, and got a full apology from Oprah for the severity that public shaming.

Since then he's written two novels, 'Bright Shiny Morning' and his latest, 'The Final Testament of the Holy Bible'. Yep, the guy that was once commonly called "the most notorious writer in America" is back, and this time he's done an audacious re-write of the Bible.

At the moment, James is concentrating on something a little less controversial: the release of the second novel in the "Lorien Legacies" saga, a young adult science fiction series he co-writes under the pen name Pittacus Lore. The first book in the series was the highly successful "I Am Number Four."

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