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Guest James Cromwell

James Cromwell is probably best known for his Oscar-nominated turn as the quiet, humble farmer in the movie 'Babe'.

But beneath that unassuming exterior lies the heart of a rebel. James's sense of justice runs deep: His father, a theatre and film director, was accused of being a Communist and placed on the infamous Hollywood blacklist in the 1950s.

In the '60s, James worked alongside the Black Panthers and later became an outspoken advocate for animal rights, a cause that he still fights for (in fact, it recently got him arrested).

But James always balanced activism with acting: Roles on groundbreaking TV shows - from 'All In The Family' to 'American Horror Story' - and on the big screen, playing princes ('The Queen') and presidents ('W.')

His latest is a Canadian picture called 'Still Mine', about a couple fighting to build their final home - and, so fitting for James, standing up to the system.

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