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Guest Jake Gyllenhaal

It’s true that he saved the world from a second Ice Age in The Day After Tomorrow, but Jake Gyllenhaal has always been strongest when he’s been most vulnerable. Remember the tender ache of Brokeback Mountain – in which he starred with his friend, the late, great Heath Ledger - which earned him an Oscar nod? Jake, it would seem, was hardwiref to become an actor. He was born and raised in L.A. by a screenwriter mother and a director father. Even his older sister Maggie is in the business, and is herself Oscar-nominated. He made his name with this the cult classic Donnie Darko. After that, what a tear: a cartoonist obsessed with a serial killer in Zodiac, then End of Watch – a film about male friendship that could reduce hardened street cops to tears. Now he has done two extraordinary films with Canadian director Denis Villeneuve: the bruising drama Prisoners and Enemy, in which Jake plays a man who fights against his own doppelganger.

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