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Guest Jackson Rathbone

So, who is Jackson Rathbone? Well, to legions of 'Twilight' fans, he's Jasper Hale - a charismatic vampire with the ability to manipulate emotions - hey, maybe he could cheer up Edward? That guy is so mopey!

But Jackson is much more than your garden-variety brooding vampire. Born in Singapore, he lived in Indonesia, London, Connecticut, California and Norway before his family settled in Midland, Texas. As a teenager, Jackson gave up football to focus on acting (in Texas, that's called "blasphemy"), and in high school, he relocated yet again... this time to a special arts academy in Michigan. While there, he met a couple of guys who are still in his band, '100 Monkeys'.

But acting continues to be the centre of Jackson's universe, and he does it very well in new movie, 'Girlfriend.' It's the story of a man with down syndrome - who has a tangled love affair with a single mom. Jackson, who also produced the movie, plays a troubled ex-boyfriend.

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