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Guest Jackie Chan

27 million Facebook likes. More than 100 films. One of Asia's hardest-working philanthropists.

Jackie Chan is a bona-fide global superstar. He's unleashed those fists of fury on the worldwide box office, and broken just about every bone in his body.

And he's been doing it for 50 years.

When Jackie was just six-and-a-half, his parents enrolled him in the China Drama Academy, where he learned acting and acrobatics. Training at the school was grueling. Some might even call it abuse.

We'll see how Jackie remembers it. Growing up, he rarely saw his parents. In fact, it turns out his folks were not at all what he thought they were - it's quite a story.

Jackie started his film career as a stuntman, then evolved into a sort of anti-Bruce Lee, mixing dazzling action with slapstick comedy inspired by his idol, the silent-film star Buster Keaton, and audiences loved it:

Now 58, Jackie figures his battered body can't keep this up forever. He says his next action film, 'Chinese Zodiac,' just might be his last.

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