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Guest Isabella Rossellini

In a DNA contest, it's tough to beat Isabella Rossellini. Her famous looks? Thank her mom Ingrid Bergman for those. And Isabella's dad? Roberto Rosselini - one of Italy's most famous filmmakers.

But Isabella's life wasn't always charmed. As a kid, she had scoliosis, and had a series of painful surgeries to correct it. But it didn't hold her back - with that face, she was an instant hit in the modelling world. Her first gig: the cover of Vogue! Since then, she's racked up more than five hundred magazine covers, and spent fourteen years as the face of Lancome. Until Lancome sacked her, that is - for being too old.

Good thing Isabella had acting to fall back on. She did her first film in 1976, called 'A Matter of Time,' and guess who was in it? Isabella's mom. But of course, it was David Lynch - Isabella's former boyfriend - who put her on the map with his cult classic 'Blue Velvet.' She followed that up with a bunch of other off-beat characters, including a turn as Alec Baldwin's ex-wife on '30 Rock.'

Outside work, Isabella is a big environmentalist, and now, she's mixing her art with her activism. Her directing debut is a series called 'Green Porno.' Yeah, I said Green Porno. I'm gonna let her explain it - watch the interview.

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