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Guest Ice Cube

Not only is Ice Cube one of the pioneers of 'gangsta rap'... he's also an A-list movie star and the head of his own entertainment empire, Cube Vision. He rose to fame and controversy in the eighties with his group N.W.A. (Niggaz With Attitude) and their landmark album "Straight Outta Compton".

Their controversial single 'F*** Tha Police' pointed the finger at police brutality and racial profiling, and ended up becoming a monster hit. But Ice Cube left N.W.A. and released his 1st solo album 'AmeriKKA's Most Wanted'... raw, honest, and political... it went platinum right away.

After that he made his big screen debut as the violent and haunted Doughboy in John Singleton's 'Boyz in the Hood', and then in 1992 his album about the Los Angeles race riots, 'The Predator', was perhaps one of his most important and impactful recordings.

Meanwhile on the silver screen, Ice Cube acted in Singleton's 'Higher Learning', wrote the box office hit 'Friday'' (which become a franchise), showed his dramatic chops in 'Three Kings', and created a string of popular, comedic family hits like 'Barbershop' and' Are we There Yet?'.

After 25 years, it's clear that Ice Cube's incisive lyrics have changed West coast hip hop - pushing the next generation of artists to be outspoken and socially-conscious... and on screen, his comedic persona has given the public a positive role model. Now Ice Cube is in the 3rd leg of his tour with his 16th album, 'I Am the West'.

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