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Guest Hulk Hogan

Pro wrestling fan or not, everyone knows Hulk Hogan. But did you know, he wasn't always 'The Hulkster.' At one time, he was 'The Super Destroyer', and 'Sterling Golden.'

Oh, and at first, Hulk Hogan was a bad guy. But by the mid Eighties, the Hulkster was the champ, an all-American hero, and the WWE's popularity exploded. Hulk headlined the first nine Wrestlemanias, teamed up with Mr. T, and slammed Andre the Giant, in front of ninety-three thousand fans.

Then, in the mid Nineties, Hulk left for the rival WCW, and turned "heel" (that's a bad guy). For fans, it was a shocking betrayal, but boy, was it good for business. Later, Hogan went back to WWE, and was as big a star, as the day he left. But outside the ring, life's been tough in recent years.

In 2007, Hulk's teenage son was charged after a serious car crash and did jail time. Then, Hulk's wife of twenty-four years filed for divorce. And his reality show - 'Hogan Knows Best' - was cancelled.

But the Hulkster has bounced back. After retiring as a twelve-time world champ, he's just signed with TNA Wrestling. And he's written his autobiography, 'My Life Outside the Ring.'

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