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Guest Hugh Jackman

It used to be that in the movies, you had your tough guys, your romantic heroes, and your old-school showmen. Well, Hugh Jackman is all three. Heck, he's a superhero in the acting world who can even save awards shows.

Of course, it was Hugh's role as a different kind of superhero, X-Men's Wolverine, that was his big breakthrough. The X-Men movies have made close to $2-billion worldwide, turning Hugh into an international star. He shines off-screen, too: As an ambassador for World Vision, Hugh's passionate about the issues of climate change and the need for sustainable aid in the developing world.

As Hugh's popularity has grown, so has his commitment to a spiritual life. As a student of the School of Practical Philosophy, he's always questioning his role in the world.

Hugh recently appeared in 'Real Steel'. On the one hand, it's a glossy, effects-heavy tale about robot boxing -- think Transformers-meets-Robot Wars by way of Rocky. But on the other hand, it's a family story about redemption, with Hugh playing a father reconnecting to his son as they prepare for the fight of their lives.

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