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Guest Hugh Dillon

You want to talk intense characters? Well, say hello to Hugh Dillon.

This guy is hardcore... Always has been. Former lead singer of the 90's band - The Headstones, now, the lead actor on two TV shows - the critically acclaimed 'Durham County' and the hit series 'Flashpoint.'

So, what's his story? Well, Hugh grew up in Kingston, Ontario. He fell in with a rough crowd, did some drugs, sold some drugs, and then in his twenties, he became frontman for 'The Headstones' and one of the angriest rockers around.

That opened the door to acting. Director Bruce McDonald liked what he saw, so in '95, he cast Hugh in 'Dance Me Outside.' A year later, Hugh played a hardcore rocker in another McDonald film - 'Hard Core Logo.'

Meanwhile, Hugh was still touring - and got heavy into heroin. By 2003, The Headstones broke up, and Hugh hit rock bottom. He finally got sober, and turned even more to acting. You might have seen him with Ethan Hawke in 'Training Day.'

In 2005, Hugh returned to music with 'The Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir.' Now, along with 'Durham County' and 'Flashpoint', Hugh has a new solo album. It's called 'Works Well With Others.'

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