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Guest Heather Moyse

Some people have a hard time mastering just one sport, let alone two. Not Heather Moyse - who might just make you feel like a bit of a slacker.

She's not only one of Canada's gold medallists from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in two-person bobsleigh, but she's also represented Canada as a member of our National Senior Women's Rugby team since 2004 - and was the only Canadian selected to be part of the All-Star team at the Women's Rugby World Cup in 2006.

Born and raised in PEI, she was recruited to the sport of bobsleigh in 2005, and in her first season with pilot Helen Upperton, Heather won the Canadian Championships and finished second overall in the World Cup Circuit with push-start records on five international tracks. However, her season became more difficult as the 2006 Olympics approached in Turin. Both Heather and Kaillie Humphries were up for a slot on the team pushing for Helen Upperton - and though Heather had been in the sport for less time, she got the spot. Kaillie was understandably upset, and Heather was uncomfortable.

Eventually, about a year before Vancouver, Kaillie became a pilot and they paired the best pusher they had with her - Heather. It was awkward at first, but a ten-hour bus ride in Europe helped them clear the air, and they became friends. Heather is known for keeping things light with 'dance therapy' via iPod in the start house and on the track - and after winning the gold, the pair got up onstage with The Roots at their victory ceremony.

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