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Guest Amber Marshall

Amber Marshall has always had her heart in two places - acting and animals. Growing up in London, Ontario, she started riding horses and pursuing her dream of acting before she'd turned 10.

By the time she was a teenager, she was living a double life - taking roles opposite actors like Rob Lowe and giving her time to Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and a vet clinic near her home.

Then came 'Heartland'. After sending in her audition tape, Amber was whisked away to Calgary to play Amy Fleming, a young woman with an innate understanding of horses.

Along the way, Amber moved to the country, taking on a small acreage where she could be surrounded by her horses, dogs, cats, pigs, even a peacock.

Now, her two dreams have come together - Amber plays a horse whisperer on TV and is a full-time rancher at home.

She was recently voted favourite Screen Star at the Canadian Screen Awards, and she's launched her own magazine - 'Amber Marshall Life & Style'.

You can see 'Heartland' Sundays at 7pm on CBC Television.

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