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Guest Harrison Ford

Between 'Indiana Jones and 'Star Wars', Harrison Ford was one of the biggest stars of the Eighties. Actually? Make that of all time. His movies have raked in more than 3.6 billion dollars, making him the fourth largest box office draw ever!

So, where did it all begin?

In Los Angeles in the 1960's, Harrison was hired by Columbia Pictures for $150 a week - then, fired and picked up by Universal. He got a few small parts, but wasn't making enough to support his family.

So, what'd he do? He went into carpentry! And here comes the good part...

Legend has it Harrison built some cabinets for one George Lucas, and Lucas cast Harrison in his first film, 'American Graffiti'. Now, that was pretty big... but Lucas went on to even bigger and better things - like a movie called 'Star Wars'. And Harrison - a.k.a. the wisecracking Han Solo - came along for the ride.

Harrison also became 'Indiana Jones' thanks to Lucas, but only after Tom Selleck - good 'ole Magnum P.I. - turned down the role. After that, it's a blur... and man, what a blur!

'Blade Runner', 'The Fugitive', 'Patriot Games', 'Working Girl' - and let's not forget 'Witness.' Harrison got an Oscar nod for that.

More recently, he's played an aging 'Indy.' And now he's playing a researcher out to save some terminally ill kids in 'Extraordinary Measures.'

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