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Guest Greg Campbell

Okay, we've all seen those crazy heist flicks: Ocean's 11 - 12 and 13, too, for that matter. You see that stuff, and you think - that's Hollywood! That couldn't happen in real life.

Well, think again.

Back in February 2003, thieves in Belgium pulled off what's been called "the heist of the century." We're talking more than one hundred million dollars worth of diamonds and jewelry - from a vault that was supposed to be impenetrable.

That vault was buried two floors beneath the Antwerp Diamond Center, and had ten layers of security, including surveillance cameras, motion detectors, light and heat sensors, an eighteen-inch-thick steel door and a lock with one million possible combinations. Police arrested four Italian gang members, but they've never found the loot, or figured out how the men pulled it off.

Well, enter Greg Campbell. Greg knows a thing or two about the diamond industry. He wrote the book that inspired the film 'Blood Diamond.' Greg's teamed up with diamond expert Scott Andrew Selby, and together, they set out to unravel the mystery. They lay it all out in their new book, 'Flawless.'

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