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Guest Gordon Pinsent

Gordon Pinsent is a true Canadian icon.

He's played some towering roles in his time, but his greatest character may just be himself.

A star on-screen and off-screen for the last six decades, Gordon's career has taken him from Grand Falls, Newfoundland - to Hollywood - and back again to Canada... where he has devoted himself to telling Canadian stories ranging from 'The Rowdyman', 'Due South' to 'Away From Her' (Gordon won a Genie Award for that role, plus the acclaim of Daniel Day Lewis who said he was 'in awe' of the performance!)

But success on the screen came with a price: when Gordon was starting out, he left his family behind - including his two young children - to pursue his dream to be an actor.

Gordon writes openly about that, and about the love of his life - his late wife, actress Charmion King - in his new memoir, simply called 'Next' (co-written with CBC legend, George Anthony).

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