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Guest Gord Downie

Just like Gordon Lightfoot, another of this country's great songwriters, Gord Downie can be a man of few words. And yet he can say more in a three-minute song than some artists conjure up over an entire career.

Hard to believe, but Gord and The Tragically Hip have been together nearly 30 years. The Hip earned respect the hard way, working their way out of the clubs of Kingston, Ontario to become one of this country's most-treasured bands.

And all the while, they've told some remarkable Canadian stories -- stories about our national game, our justice system, and our First Nations people.

Now, Gord is digging even deeper than usual. While he was writing The Hip's new record -- 'Now For Plan A' -- his wife Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer. It's an experience that made him want to completely re-think what he'd been doing as an artist.

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