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Guest Giovanni Ribisi

If ever someone seemed hard-wired to become an actor, it's Giovanni Ribisi. You know Giovanni - he was Phoebe's brother on 'Friends' before Steven Spielberg drafted him as a medic in 'Saving Private Ryan'.

Giovanni grew up in Los Angeles in the '70s. His folks were both in showbiz, and Giovanni started early in TV. His heart lay more in movies, though, and he got his shot on the big screen in a film he had to fight for - a really cool movie called 'Suburbia'.

After that, Giovanni was on the fast track: 'Gone In Sixty Seconds', 'Lost In Translation', oh, and a little film called 'Avatar'.

Giovanni's new film comes with a complicated back story: 'Gangster Squad' had its release delayed, and some scenes re-shot after it drew comparisons to the theatre shooting in Colorado last year.

When 'Gangster Squad' did hit theatres, the conversation about gun violence was once again front and centre.

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