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Guest Gil Bellows

Let's talk Canadian exports: energy, smartphones, and a seemingly endless supply of talented actors - it might be our greatest natural resource.

That said, it's always nice when someone makes it who represents us at our very best.

Take, for example, Gil Bellows. Gil had his "break out" role in a movie all about breaking out: 'The Shawshank Redemption'. As a sympathetic prisoner, Gil took a role originally intended for Brad Pitt and made it his own.

Shawshank was a springboard to 'Ally McBeal', a massive TV success and a life-changing role for Gil.

Gil's fame led to more creative freedom: In 2010, he produced the movie 'Temple Grandin', the true story of an autistic woman who revolutionized the livestock industry - a story Gil fought to bring to the big screen.

Now, Gil is back in his home and native land, making a movie in Canada, about Canada... and, about love. It's called 'Mad Ship', about an immigrant prairie family trying to survive the Depression. And if you thought Canadian history isn't dramatic, or harrowing, or filled with desperation, think about what some of our Canadian imports had to endure.

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