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Guest Gerry Dee

Let’s face it – Gerry Dee wasn’t the very best history teacher high school has seen. He’s said it himself – he didn’t even take Grade 12 history. But as a gym teacher, his competitive streak was switched on, and he was definitely the kind of guy you’d want on your side in a high-tension dodgeball game. He’s a staunch defender of victims of bullying, but he also believes in the necessity of growing a thick skin. Gerry took his real-life high school experiences and folded them into a stellar stand-up career and his series Mr. D. And just like his teaching career, his life as a comic has had its ups and downs, from nailing it at Just For Laughs to being bumped off a high-profile U.S. talk show. But Mr. D is going strong, heading into its third season on CBC.

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